3995 Bear Canyon Rd | Los Gatos

It is 15 minutes from downtown Los Gatos to the top of the private gated road. Its another 15 minutes from the top of the road to the property. The year round well produces water that is pumped up 100 to a 5,000 gallon water tank. It produces 50 psi at the landing. The 10 year old, 2,500 gallon septic tank is hooked up to a state of the art leach field.The 16, 100 watt, 5 amp, solar panels supply enough power to run most of equipment including current trailer. 10,000 watt backup propane generator. State of the art batteries, charge controller, 10,000 watt sine wave inverter, and 32 amp windmill make this a complete electrical system. There are trails that run entire 40 acres. They go down the mountainside to the Newall Creek that flow on the property. Beautiful sunset views. Magnificent sense of privacy and peace.

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